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Our Vision & Values

Jesus Christ - the same yesterday,
today and forever

Hebrews 13:8

As churches that have been part of life in Thirsk for centuries, we believe that we are called to live out this verse, sharing the never changing love of Jesus with our communities. We want to serve the parishes we represent by:

1. Helping to celebrate the special times - from important life events like weddings and baptisms to national days like Rememberance Day and Mothering Sunday.

2. Committing to pray - we believe prayer is a powerful way of communicating with God. We commit to praying regularly for our communities and the people in them.

3. Be there in the hard times - our churches are open to all as peaceful places of prayer and people are available to talk and pray with those who would find this helpful.

We believe that God is calling us grow to reflect our community as we continue to serve. To do this we are committed to:

1. Diversity in worship - providing a variety of modern and traditional, formal and informal styles, to help people to connect with God and grow as disciples in the manner that best serves them.

2. Making our services friendly and welcoming spaces for the people of Thirsk.


3. Growing and changing together - our churches are shaped by the people within them both old and new.

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