Church Family News

Updated: Jul 6

Dear Friends,

It was with great joy that all of our church families where able to gather together in worship on Sunday, in our church buildings and online.

We heard about in our reading from Mark 5:21-end about Jairus and the hemorrhaging women, we heard about how Jesus took them both on a journey of fear to faith. Jesus took them on that journey that brought healing, wholeness and life. Where in our lives do we need to allow Jesus to take us on that journey from fear into faith so that we can know for ourselves the healing, wholeness and life that he brings?

David also shared with us on Sunday in our service at St Mary's a challenge that I had been offered this last week. In our worship what can we do to engage ourselves afresh, when we are listening to a song of worship? We can use our hearts and minds, instead of singing the words, in your head register, read and hear the words. Then let them go from your head to your heart, so we end up doing what is advocated in Ephesians 5:19: 'make music in your heart to the Lord.'

You can use your fingers, God gave us fingers to aid creativity: for making, building, writing, drawing and for all sorts of crafting. So why not use your fingers creatively in worship in these unusual days? That could mean bringing a notepad and pen, and drawing something, or writing something to express your praise. Or you could use your phone or ipad in a similar way. If you do this, to stay safe, don't pass your creative offerings to others, and make sure you take home what you create.

Do have a read of this article by Revd Matthew Porter if you want to explore this further.


We are gathering next Sunday onsite and online.

9:00am St Wilfrid's

10:15am St Mary's - service will also be live streamed on the church website, facebook and youtube.

10:00am St Lawrence's, joint service with St Leonard's

It would be great to see you at any of our services, please do keep on following the Coronavirus guidelines in place so that we can worship safely together.


On Sunday 18th July we are gathering together for a benefice service at St Mary's 10:15am as we say goodbye to David and Emma.

So that we can safely gather together as many people as possible we are asking that you book to come to the service. To book a seat please contact Sue Armstrong 01845 522996 or email


Small Groups and Monday Morning Prayer are continuing to meet online for the moment. Small groups are beginning to gather outside and in smaller permitted groups when possible. Let us know if you would like to know more about small groups, do get in touch or speak to one of the clergy.


Join us for the Church family prayer meeting on 27th July at 7pm In Person. Prayer is at the heart of all that we do and it would be great to have as many people as possible gathering with us to pray.


This year has hit many churches financially, and we are so grateful for your continued generous giving. If you usually give through the plate or use the free will offering envelopes, please do continue to set aside your giving. If you would like someone to collect your envelopes and deliver them to church, do ask. If you wish to give online you can do this securely on the website at

We pray that you have a blessed week,

God Bless

David, Derek, Jill, Mary, Tracey and Helen